au: Regina dies trying to save everyone. Emma realizes Regina was the one who brought joy into her life. Exactly one year after she died Grumpy reports a fire and when Emma goes in there’s a big surprise waiting for her. Regina, without her memories. She does everything she can to remind her who she is then suddenly one day when Emma is about to give up Regina says the two magical words…


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theres a grief that cant be spoken

theres a pain goes on and on

empty chairs at empty tables

im not going to comic con


she’s beauty and she’s grace, she plays 8 different people who have the same face


When I told her that the day Castle and Beckett got together in s4 was my birthday and it was the greatest gift I could have ever gotten she fucking reanacted the shut the front door scene in front of us!!! 

In the screenshot (taken from a video that is waaaaaay too shaky to post) she’s pretending to kiss Nathan. My 2 years ago self had a little bit of an emotional crisis right there.

This woman is the embodiment of perfection seriously.

I’m so happy for you detective, despite of who you’re marrying.